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Molecular Dynamics


Molecular Dynamics (MD) is a novel technique already in use in many drug discovery processes.

Plebiotic increases usability of MD by:

  • Dramatically increasing the speed of the simulations
  • Improving the results analysis
  • New models allow MD for extremely big proteins
  • Integrating MD with other Plebiotic and standard tools
  • Offering end to end customer services to our customers

Plebiotic Molecular Dynamics solution, PleMD, is a propietary platform, fully built by Plebiotic. The platform is based on GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). By means of the latest advances on both algorithms (one patent owned by Plebiotic) and hardware (use of standard, inexpensive GPUs), we have the best performance/cost ratio Molecular Dynamics product.

Currently, we are building an evolution of the product, aimed to improve even more the simulation rates and to allow the simulation of gigantic proteins. Though the product will see the light by the end of 2013, we have a prototype already available.

Check the video to see an example of PleMD capabilities. There are more videos on our Vimeo site.