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Research Department


Located in Madrid, directed by Álvaro López Medrano. This unit focuses on:

  • Drug design and repositioning: Responsible for the development and improvement of Gambit (Reverse Docking) and Maeras (Pharmacophores) products.
  • R&D&i Management
  • New collaborations set-up

The headquarters are as well responsible for the management of the Marketing and Distribution units, working alongside with the R&D department.

Led by Professor Javier Sancho, PhD and Pablo Echenique, PhD, both based at the University of Zaragoza. This unit focuses on algorithms and codification improvements and biophysical issues related to Molecular Dynamics simulations.
Managed by Miguel Ángel Otaduy, PhD, located at the University Rey Juan Carlos (Móstoles, Madrid). This unit was responsible, along with the headquarters, for the development of the Molecular Dynamics simulator PleMD and is currently working on an evolution of PleMD that will see the light by end of 2013.