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Research lines


Plebiotic´s main goal is to offer the fastest, simplest and highest computational capacity system focused on molecular dynamics simulations. Our customers obtain a simulation tool that is able to generate unaffordable results until now at a reduced cost.

Our company is constantly involved on research projects aiming to improve performance on existing simulation system as well. Our R&D units focus on the improvement of algorithmic and software coding to continuously obtain better performances to speed-up molecular dynamics simulations.

At Plebiotic, we are passionate about the work of our customers and we consider of paramount importance to give the best possible service. To this end, we have created a new line of research targeted to drug design and repositioning.

In combination with Molecular Dynamics, our Drug Design & Repositioning platforms, along with Plebiotic’s expertise and services, offer the best drug design and repositioning alternative today.

We are currently creating a new tool for ADME/Tox modeling.