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Two new products launched

Two new products launched

Plebiotic has launched two new products targeted at drug discovery. In combination with PleMD product (Molecular Dynamics), it is the perfect platform for drug repositioning. The two products launched are:

  • Gambit (Reverse docking): With reverse docking, given a ligand, we look for other targets suited for it. Clearly has a direct application on drug repositioning. At Plebiotic we have created a novel reverse docking platform, called Gambit, which makes use of the biggest collection of human proteins.

In combination with Pharmacophores (Maeras) and Molecular Dynamics (PleMD), it is the best available platform for drug repositioning.

  • Maeras (Pharmacophores): As a ligand based screening tool, we have created a Pharmacophores software, called Maeras. Based on a database of several million ligands, Maeras is the perfect tool for drug repositioning. In combination with Reverse Docking (Gambit) and Molecular Dynamics (PleMD), it is the best available tool for drug repositioning.